Promotional gifts and products

Prices of our promotional and corporate gifts are a guide only- please contact us for a quote. 

Here at SweetAs Gifts we make lots of people happy all over New Zealand with our corporate/promotional lolly and fudge gifts.

Research shows the positive benefits, of even a small gift, are well worth the effort and investment in making staff, clients and customers feel engaged, appreciated and valued. It’s also a “feel good” for the company doing the giving.

We want to provide an easy solution for you to give thoughtful gifts to your staff and clients, and see the positive benefits this has in so many ways, including being a valuable tool for increasing business. We think that confectionary such as lollies or fudge are the best way to do this. After all, who doesn’t like sweet gifts or freebies? Much better than a pen, a key ring, or trinkets, that often get relegated to the bottom drawer. 

  • Giving to staff builds company morale and improves engagement
  • Corporate gifting and promotional products help to attract new customers
  • Personalised gifting reinforces your brand to your clients and customers
  • It’s a great way of introducing new products
  • Client gifting keeps you in touch with your customers and keeps the relationship open
  • It helps set you apart from your competition and improves your chances of securing new or return business.
  • Promotional confectionary products are always a crowd favourite in goody bags or on the tables at conferences, events or fundraisers - this is a great way to share and promote your business to a wide audience.

Let us help - all our promotional and corporate gift options can be branded up as your own. Get in touch with us about how we can get your promotional or corporate needs sorted easy peasy.


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