Online gift delivery - the way to go

Happy New Year!

The SweetAs team have had a great and relaxing break, but we are all back on board and looking forward to another exciting year. We have been doing our 2017 planning and will be introducing new products and services this year. Our first change is expansion of our service to include gift delivery to our friends in Australia. We know from feedback that there are a lot of you in Aussie who would love a box of our Kiwi lolly gifts.

At Christmas I personally practised what I preach all year, namely the virtue of online gift purchase and delivery. I was pretty tired and very busy by December and the thought of battling the malls was too much, so I enlisted Mr Google and sent him looking for me. The result was I had my shopping done in one lunch break sitting at my desk at work.  How simple was that! It just reinforced to me what a great service we offer with our simple and easy gift delivery system. The fact that we are inexpensive, but offer something much more than just a card just makes it even better.

Since adding teddies to our orders halfway through 2016, more than 50% of you include a teddy with your lolly box order. It is always a delight when we package up the teddies and lollies as they looks so cute, cuddly and yummy snuggled in our tissue lined boxes. I especially love it when it's one of our 'get well' teddies as I know an unwell child (or adult) is going to love opening this extra special delivery of goodies.

Our corporate orders continued to grow in 2016 and we certainly had some biggies that kept the three of us on our toes. It is exciting though, and when you see all the boxes lined up with their pretty ribbon and personalised stickers, it's a great feeling and we want to keep them coming in 2017.

Finally, keep an eye on our lolly recipes section. We have been baking, as always using the good old Kiwi Classic lollies, and oh boy have we come up with some scrummy treats!

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