Sweet Winter Warmer Gifts

Winter is well and truly here and summer seems a distant memory. We have been working on sweet winter deals and will shortly be launching a winter warming promotion that you won’t be able to resist.  Keep an eye out for this.

Our new teddy options are going down a treat, and are a great way to share hugs with both your lolly or fudge gift boxes. We have a whole range of teddies and sizes to mix and match to suit your recipient. For example our cute small teddy with small box of lollies is a great get well or birthday gift for kids.

Our pick your own  lolly box gift is proving immensely popular and is a great way to pick your favourites, just like the good old days at the corner diary.

Our brand new fudge box is absolutely divine. Filled with mouth-watering Finn’s Sea Salt Caramel and Russian, chocolate mint, chocolate, Irish Cream and vanilla fudge these individually wrapped heavenly morsels are an extra special treat that everyone will love.  

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