Mother's Day Strawberry Heart Crackles recipe

Mother's Day Strawberry Heart Crackles recipe

Easter is well and truly behind us and we are now looking at our next sweet celebration – Mother’s Day. Our cute candy gift boxes are also a great way to tell mum how much you love her, particularly if you don't live in the same town - we've even got a 'Happy Mother's Day' card option!

To further celebrate Mother’s Day we have been back in the kitchen testing some of our lollies in recipes. Check out our Strawberry Heart Crackles.  Simple and easy to make and no baking required. Great for kids to make.  

Strawberry Heart Crackles

80gms butter
500gms chocolate strawberry hearts
Approximately four cups of rice bubbles

Melt butter and strawberry hearts on medium in the microwave. Add enough rice bubbles to make a sticky mixture. Spoon into little patty cases and press a chocolate strawberry heart on top. Leave to set. Yummy.

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