Lolly jar corporate starter kit - classic kiwi lollies and jar

Lolly jar with lollies - corporate

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Here's an almost-too-easy corporate solution to sweeten up your clients, customers or guests of any kind (including yourself!) in reception areas, meeting rooms, kitchens or cupboards.

This lolly jar starter kit comes with:

  • Glass lolly jar - Sits 17cm high and holds 1 kg of lollies.
  • 1kg of lollies - A mixture of our Kiwi classic favourite lollies range we carry. If you'd like specific flavours, please let us know in the notes section or email us on

And, when the lollies run out - we've made it easy for you to order a refill here.

SweetAs Gifts lolly range: Candy bananas, jersey caramels, jet planes, licorice all sorts, milk bottles, peaches and cream, strawberries and cream, wine gums.

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