Corporate and promotional gifting - why you should be doing it

Here at SweetAs Gifts we make lots of people happy all over New Zealand with our promotional and corporate lolly and fudge gifts. With Christmas coming we thought we would look at why it is important for you, as a business, to give your customers and clients a little something from time to time and to show your valued staff how much you appreciate them.

The reasons for corporate and promotional gifting are many and varied, but one thing is certain, the positive effects, of even a small gift, are well worth the effort and investment in making staff and clients/customers feel engaged, appreciated and valued. It’s also a real “feel good” for the company.

Let’s look at some of the types of corporate and promotional giving.

Staff recognition and thank you gifts

I worked for a company once where milestones, events and occasions were often celebrated with a “little something” on our desk in the morning when we arrived at work. This was usually a little box of lollies or chocolate and a little thank you card. I absolutely loved getting these little tokens of appreciation and it was always a positive and happy start to the day. It was also an affirmation that the company really did value me and appreciate all I did. This was one of the drivers behind the corporate side of SweetAs Gifts, we simply want to provide an easy solution for employers to give little incentives for their staff and clients and see the positive benefits for everyone, and as a valuable tool for increasing business. We think that lollies, chocolate and fudge are the best way to do this, although we do throw in the occasional teddy as well. After all, who doesn’t like sweet gifts? Much better than a pen or a key ring, or trinkets that get relegated to the bottom desk drawer.

Conference goody bag gifts

Have you ever been to a conference and been handed a promotional goody bag?  Let’s face it what’s the first thing you reach into that bag for – the mandatory little bag of lollies right? I know I do. We all know a goody bag can be kind of boring and disappointing if it doesn’t contain that certain yummy type of goodies and if we are honest, the more little bags and boxes of the sweet stuff the better. Conference tables also look a lot more inviting when adorned with a bright and colourful little lolly box. It not only helps attendees get through those more boring speakers but they can also stare at something a little more interesting than a white tablecloth. Much more exciting than boring old mints, our little lolly boxes are the perfect conference goody bag and/or table gifts, check them out here

Small promotional  ‘thank you’ gifts bags

These are usually little bags of lollies that accompany an order. Let’s face it we love to reach into that office consumables order with the hope they have included a little promotional sweeteners in the form of a small bag of lollies – what a delight, and what a disappointment if there isn’t one. A company I deal with recently gave away chocolate with orders of certain pens. I had wondered why we had so many of these pens, until I realised that a staff member was stocking up on both the pens and the chocolate! We all loved the chocolate, but more importantly it proves the point that offering little incentives, especially lollies and candy, works a treat, so to speak. But jokes aside the message is loud and clear, a sweetener as described above, no doubt gave that company the edge over other companies marketing the same product.

Little bags of lollies are also often found in your car after it has been valeted, or had a visit to the mechanic. A simple but very effective little touch to encourage you to go use their service next time. If you want the marketing edge have a look here.

So what are the benefits of corporate gifting?

Giving to staff builds company morale and improves engagement

Giving to staff helps them recognise their part in the greater whole of the company. Whether it is in recognition of a job well done, or to celebrate a milestone for the company, it can help build the morale of the worker and make them feel like their work is noticed by the boss. As the old saying goes “it’s the small things that count” and they really do count, never ever under-estimate the value of recognition and what this means to your team.

Attract new customers

When corporate gifts are given externally, these gifts help clients associate brand image, loyalty to clients, and can help attract new customers. When a company provides a free corporate gift, it may just help “seal the deal” for a client to begin a professional relationship with your company.

Personalised gifting reinforces your brand

Client gifts with your branding on them are a reminder to the customer of your company and will encourage them to use your products again. If you value your brand, show those who choose to do business with you that your brand stands for customer service, going the extra mile and building relationships. SweetAs Gifts will customise with your own branding  

Introducing new products

Giving away exclusive products that are not available to the market yet, is a great marketing tool to show clients that they are being treated to unique products before others in the market.

Staying in touch keeps the relationship open

A bit like an email drip campaign marketing campaign, when a gift arrives it will mean your client is more likely to want to discuss ongoing business needs and solutions by way of a follow-up phone call or email, and as mentioned above, the gift, with your company branding, is a good reminder of your company.

Help set yourself apart from your competition

You are unlikely to be the only business your client works with, but gifting may just give you the edge and help you become preferred. There is nothing like being a favourite, and a gift is a great way to do that. Our lolly jar is an awesome gift that everyone in the office can share –  affordable, colourful, yummy and with your branding, the jar will likely be refilled time and time again, sit in a prime location and remind them of your company and your products every time they eagerly reach for a sugar fix!

As a business with staff who have many years’ experience in the world of business and marketing we know the importance of client, customer and staff relationships and we hope that for those of you who are just starting out, or who are ready to take their business to the next level, this blog has been of some help with insights borne from experience and having done the hard yards ourselves.

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