The Importance of Marketing

This week marks week three of SweetAs Gifts. While it has been really busy and exciting, it has also been a time of learning as much as we can about the importance of online marketing, getting our heads around new terminology, and also a period of reading and understanding graphs and statistics!

Facebook already tells us people like our products. We also know our gifts appeal on many levels; they are affordable, fun and an ideal choice for everyone, from the young, to the not so young, men, women, children and even possibly the odd spoilt pet!

However our challenge has been to reach all of you to tell you about our simple and and affordable online purchase and delivery of delicious iconic Kiwi lollies presented in a bright, fun gift boxes We are learning about the importance of appearing in search engines.* We are also learning about the importance of Facebook in helping us market our great products. Lastly, but most importantly, we highly value and appreciate how important the support of friends and family are when beginning a new adventure like this.

As always, we value your feedback and ideas.


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